January 20, 2015

hey all!!

sounds like a successful weekend πŸ™‚ love the sound of that and i sure do smile when i think of bryson’s laugh!!

a couple of weeks we went to the dialysis center and i almost lost it. but it worked out. i made sure that we left quickly and i grabbed my companion’s arm and she stabilized me. then she laughed at me and then i sat down for a little bit while she laughed at me some more and i made her drive home. jaja

to answer your question i never did buy a bike. i haven’t had the need yet. our spanish areas have been pretty big so a car has been a huge blessing. i have been on bike for a couple of exchanges so that’s been fun! i sure wish we had bikes but our car is nice too πŸ™‚

with the holiday yesterday, the library was closed which means we get an hour today so i’m gonna keep this short but i have so many experiences this past week that i want to tell you!

remember that i told you about maria and gustavo? they are a family that we are teaching and they told us that they aren’t interested in changing but that they like us coming by and sharing our message with them. well, we set up an appointment and we went hoping to teach about the holy ghost. we started and they told us that they had spent all morning watching mormon messages!! this is coming from a man who is always trying to change the subject by getting us to eat, so to see that was pretty neat πŸ™‚
they are pretty open with us and told us that it makes them nervous to have us come over sometimes because they feel that they are going to get baptized one day. we smile and laugh about it but i know it’s because they know. and they know that we know that they know.

there was one day this past week we were out street contacting and there weren’t many people out or answering their doors so we called a potential investigator. his name is jose and he was a little creeped out that we had his number but agreed to have us come and visit. we tried to invite one of the hermanas from the branch to come with us so that we could enter his apartment but that was a whole other adventure. (remind me to tell that to you one day) but set up something for sunday night. hermana milian came with us and we had a lesson with him. it was super powerful. he had so many great questions! i love questions and i think they are super important. questions pull us out of apostasy. so that was a really neat experience this week.

i gotta go but i have so much more to say and i wasn’t really to give you the details i wanted to but just know things are going well here and i hope that you keep working hard too πŸ™‚ i love you i love you i love you!!

much love,
hermana bain


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