February 2, 2015

hey all!

i sure love hearing from you! and i agree, january just slipped away. i can’t believe how quick time is going. just. too. quick. but anyway, good things are happening 🙂 so happy february!

thank you for sharing about the woman who made the gospel such a priority. that would be quite a challenge, but her faith is evident and i absolutely know that the Lord blesses His children and provides the means for them to follow Jesus Christ. sometimes we just get so caught up in the stuggles, obstacles, and the problems with obeying God’s commandments when instead, we should be following the guidance of the spirit to receive solutions and answers. if we look for excuses we will find them. and if we look for reasons to obey we will find them and we will receive the blessings as well. i’m saying the gospel is perfect. in every way. i. love. it.

this past week, we were able to go on three exchanges and somehow it worked out that i was out of my area practically the whole week. but i just love these sisters. i have learned so much from them. i love that we are all so diverse and unique but at the end of the day, we all are striving to serve our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ with a pure heart by inviting others to come unto Him through the restored gospel. i can’t really explain the joy, healing, and sense of purpose that comes from sharing and living the gospel.

this past week, hermana maama taught me the value of being a true friend. she’s the kind of person that loves no matter what because she understands that there is no greater power than charity. it really doesn’t matter who you are, you feel her love. and i believe that we can develop that kind of charity when we know which way we face as elder gibbons says, and as we truly love God.

hermana miller taught me that believing in yourself is also exercising faith in Jesus Christ. i’ve served around her before and we both know that missions refine and purify your soul. sometimes it hurts. but you always improve and grow and you always develop a lasting relationship with the true and living God.

it’s pretty amazing how complete and perfect the gospel is huh? i sure do love it ;). in lynnwood for a hot second with sister winward, we were helping a new family organize their home. he’s been a member all his life i believe and she’s a convert of 10 years. they met at a single adult activity and were married within two months i think it was. they are so great together and it was nice to see how much they are concerned for one another. i feel they have a really good marriage because they communicate really well. it’s interesting though because he’s a porn addict. well, was. and they are both divorced (we’re talking really rough divorces). they say that 100% of addicts relapse but thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ and how the gospel heals people like you said, he’s been clean for over 5 years. pretty amazing huh?

i really do believe that hope comes from the gospel. it’s beautiful. sister winward taught me that happiness is God’s love that we feel on sunny days, rainy days, and every day in between as we live the gospel. life can be a struggle. i see it in the faces of the people we are teaching and those we pass. but i know that happiness is a way of thinking and not so much an end result. so think happy and be happy 🙂

when i was in lynnwood with hermana miller, we took the bus on our way to a lesson and we met melissa. melissa has talked with missionaries before but has her disagreements. but we were talking about familysearch.org (she is a genealogy superstar-thanks to her inspiration i will be one too someday) and a man got on the bus and asked which religion we were talking about. he said, “oh. mormons. ….mormons. it’s actually morons.” and turned away. i wanted to apologize for the bad experience that he had had with mormons but melissa interrupted and defended us. really put her opinion out there. pretty soon the bus driver and the other riders where on our side. i felt bad that now he probably feels worse about mormons and i would have liked to change that situation but i am grateful to know that there is goodness in all people. sometimes it doesn’t seem like it but there really is.

the gospel is worth defending. and when it’s done with love and real intentions, truth is declared and hearts are softened.

well, hermana pirir and i are pretty excited because maria has a baptismal date! she is preparing to be baptized the 28th of this month so please keep her and her family in your prayers. her testimony of the book of mormon is growing even though she doesn’t have the vision to read it. she listens to it and we read with her as often as we can. we are praying that her husband opens up and is more supportive of her decision. he’s not interested at this time. but he is how she is going to get to church. and it’s so important that they are together on this. we are really working with this family but there are still hurdles to clear. mom, i love this family so much!

thank you for all that you are doing mom!! i sure do love you 🙂 have a great week okay?
much love,

hermana bain


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