January 26, 2015

hey all!

it’s great to hear from you!! man, i sure love family home evening! it’s super important!! and i love that you talked about prayer. i’ve been making a more diligent effort in my prayers. i need to pray 🙂 that’s for sure! each morning after my personal study i have been able to go to my room and offer a vocal prayer, expressing gratitude for what i learned and felt in my study and setting goals with my Father in Heaven for what i would like to accomplish that day.

prayer should be something that brings us closer to God and feels refreshing. it’s not to change God’s mind but to help us align our mind, strength, might, and heart with His. i’ve been reading in 3 nephi this past week and just got to the Savior’s personal ministry. mind. blown. every time. i just love the book of mormon, ya know? something that i have been thinking about is that in our busy, crazy lives full of ups and downs there is one invitation. come unto him. i have this disease called perfectionism. at first, i figured that if i was perfect and things went perfect then i would have perfect investigators who would WANT to be baptized and be perfect like Christ. and in my quest to eliminate all weakness, faults and imperfections i’ve learned a couple of things. one. my quest will always be in vain. two. i need to reroute. three. what’s important at the end of the day is that we are closer to God. that we are closer to him in this moment. more than we have ever been before. and that if we’re not quite there, that we are on our way.

they say life’s not easy and that life’s not perfect. i can see that. makes sense. the struggle is real.

but. life is a little easier and life is more perfect, more enriching, more meaningful

because there is a divine plan and a perfect REDEEMER. even Jesus Christ.

because of some of the experiences that i have recently had i can testify that God lives. that his love is real. that the book of mormon answers the questions of my soul and witnesses of Jesus the Christ, and is the key stone to my religion. and that i know that people can change.

thanks for always inspiring me and being such a powerful encouragement and source of motivation in my life.

i love you all

hermana bain


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