February 9, 2015

hey all!

i just love sunday. yesterday was a great day 🙂 right after branch coorelation meeting, hermana pirir and i went to invite our investigator to church and make sure that she had a ride. she wasn’t home so went to visit a less active that lives near. we woke him up and told him to come to church. he had a couple of questions about the resurrection and then tried to get out of coming to church by saying that he had to go to the hospital, but we talked about it and he ended up getting in his car and coming to church! when we got there, there were two other less actives and our recent convert/less active walked in!! in sunday school we talked about covenants and in priesthood/relief society we talked about prayer. ah, it was so great! a potential investigator called and asked how to get to the church, that kind of phone call never gets old. and he was able to go to priesthood and sacrament meeting, which was also an inspired meeting. so beautiful.
i had a neat experience that i want to tell you about. we were in one of the trailer parks visiting some potentials, less actives, and a recent convert. there’s a less active/part member family that lives there as well. so we went to their rv and talked to the kids. it was really humbling because i was just imaging all 7 people trying to live in that small space. we talked to them about prayer. clay, the 3rd oldest child was really open with us about his thoughts on prayer. didn’t really believe in God. but his mom had taught him and they have been going to a christian church near them. sheila (13yrs) refreshed her testimony (less active) and the youngest 2 were really excited about praying. they had the greatest answers and i promise that i learned more about prayer just from talking with them! they just have such pure faith! i don’t really know how to describe that moment though.
there was gratitude that we were finally able to contact them. there was hope for them. there was a moment that all time just seemed to melt away because for once it all just seemed right. i know that their situation is hard. and it just felt right to be there with them. we stood out on the step of the rv and they all sat and jumped around within a 4ft by 6ft space and the whole thing swayed back and forth, but we were talking about how much God loved them and there was nothing else we needed to talk about. i think in that moment the spirit softened my heart a little more and my testimony was reassured.

this week we also visited another less active family. it’s a tough situation and it really breaks my heart. but i know that the atonement can heal families. we were talking about prayer with them as well. now, for some reason these kids will not pray. i feel we’ve thought of everything but something is just missing. i have my speculations. but. this week we were able to have “real talk” with them. i call this “real talk” because i feel that i’m not as direct as i should be about the Lord’s commandments when it comes to going to church and praying. we’re not church police. but we do teach the importance of church attendance, the blessings that come, and then invite them to act according to their understanding. the same is with prayer.

in life we face trials. it’s one of life’s requirements. it’s not in the fine print, it’s in the structure. but often when we face that opposition or feel that stretch, pain, discomfort, resistance, struggle, etc. we turn from God. we blame him. we doubt him. we rationalize. we avoid him.

however, each morning we wake up there is a critical decision to make. sometimes it’s so subtle that we don’t realize that we make this choice or not.

do i rely on God? or do i rely on myself?

prayer aligns us with God. it doesn’t change God. it’s not an emergency fix hotline or a pizza delivery service. prayer opens a conversation with our Heavenly Father. it’s critical in finding truth. essential in personal revelation. i love what prayer is and what prayer does. these kids don’t believe me yet and that’s okay. we’ll keep praying with them. and one day they’ll want to pray 🙂

i hope that you enjoy your week! i sure do love you! sorry i just ramble, i’m not even sure if any of this made any sense. just know that we’re happy and doing well. as one of my companions used to say,  “the gospel is true and the book is blue.” i’m assuming she always referred to the book of mormon but i guess i never asked. jaja

much love,
hermana bain


One thought on “February 9, 2015

  1. Dear Sister Bain:
    I don’t always read your messages, but I am always glad when I can take some time to do so. We miss you – I love your testimony, and I so appreciate your thoughts about prayer in this message. I look forward to being able to visualize your faith in action as I read your sweet thoughts and hear about your faithfulness in building His Kingdom.
    Love, Janice Kerby

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