March 2, 2015

hey all!

thanks for keeping me updated about my date of birth 😉 i’m not sure how it should feel to be 21 but i don’t think i got used to being 20. time just goes too quick. i’m kinda freaking out that it’s already march. it’s not fair. :/ but march gets really pretty here in the evergreen state.

i honestly don’t have much to say today. i mean, i have too many things to say i’m just not sure what the most important thing to say is. i guess one thing that comes to mind is something that i learned in my personal study this past week. i was studying in preach my gospel and learned that it’s good to teach the gospel but it’s critical to teach with the spirit. that’s what makes this gospel so special. it’s why the world simply cannot replicate it.

things have been pretty good around here 🙂 the days are getting longer which is nice and people are getting happier because the sun is out more. it’s insane. the sun comes out and so does the world -everyone goes running, walks their dog, washes their car, works in the yard, and they are just OUT. i love it!

we had a lot of learning experiences this past week. i guess we’re always learning right? but there are several experiences that stand out and really helped me remember some of the really important things in life. one is what you shared in your email about showing our love for our Father in Heaven and obeying His commandments. i was reminded of the value of personal study. and that without questions or concerns we have little motivation to search. if joseph smith hadn’t been confused he wouldn’t have needed to pray to know which church to join. i certainly don’t have all the answers but i am grateful that the heavens are open and i can seek personal revelation and divine guidance.

i was reminded that a thankful heart is a happy heart. that people are good. that personal righteousness is a choice. and that no matter how many times i read that book of mormon, it’s still true. but something that kind of woke me up again and called my attention was a conversation that we had with jaime. i guess i would say that he is christian. he left his wife and kids in mexico to come to the u.s. so that he could work and provide for his family. the plan was to be here for a few months but it’s been 3 years. he didn’t really listen to anything that we said as far as i could tell. but he sure did have some interesting points. i hope that i was able to listen to the message he was trying to present and that i’m not twisting his words but either way i learned from him. i really do believe that life can teach us and remind us of God. who he is and what he does. why he’s important and how we can know him. jaime taught me that it’s important to study the bible. and i know that book of mormon is just as critical. so i guess what i am saying is that i believe that our journey in life helps us better understand God by teaching us to recognize him and his voice through His Son and the gospel. it’s a perfect plan. and there was no other way that we could have gotten this experience.

anyway, those were just a few thoughts that came to my mind as i was reviewing my week. there’s so much more but so little time. thank you for always inspiring me with your testimony. i hope that you all have a ridiculously fantastic week and that you all know how much i love each of you 😉 be awesome!

much love,

hermana bain


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