March 9, 2015

hola all!
it was a great week! thank you thank you thank you for the birthday wishes and packages/letters!! it was a good day 🙂 i cannot tell you how fast this week went. it just goes faster and faster. each day sure is a blessing though. i know that this is the Lord’s work. there’s a spanish saying that our investigator taught me that says, “la boca habla de lo que el corazon esta lleno”. which means you say what fills your heart. that’s not an exact translation ps. but to me, that means that when your heart is full of goodness you will speak good things and people will hear that goodness. the Lord has been so good and now i feel a heart full of gratitude for the truthfulness of this restored gospel. testimony comes when we do the things that fill our hearts with truth. praying, studying the scriptures, keeping the commandments, and putting the word to the test. so like the ten virgins, let’s fill up drop by drop so that we can speak from our hearts.

something that i have picked up on during the last year or so is that when i don’t know what to do or say, it usually works out just to testify. i do know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, joseph smith saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, the book of mormon is divine scripture and the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints has the restored priesthood and gospel upon the earth. and that’s where i stand at the end of the day.

i hear that life gets complicated, so i’m grateful that the Lord has witnessed to me the truth of these things and promises His Spirit as i do my part. we’re gonna have tons of adventures ahead, so grab your book of mormon and let’s go!!

much love,

hermana bain


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