March 16, 2015

hey all 🙂

thanks for your email. it freaks me out that time is so short but i also know that so many wonderful things are going to happen. i feel it. luckily we’ve been super busy so i don’t really get to think about anything else. yesterday was great! maria came to church and i could have died right then because i was so happy. she loved it! and it was a miracle because we had called her in the morning to ask if we could find a ride for her. she said that she would be ok and when we hung up, her husband asked who it was on the phone. she replied that we had called and he asked what for. she just said that we called to see how they were doing. he paused and then asked what time she wanted him to drop her off at the church. she was still in shock when she left the church. 😉 she is planning on being baptized on the 11th of april. we’re so happy! this woman is incredible. she has a lot of health challenges and she isn’t doing so well. but her faith is inspiring. she listens to the book of mormon on disc because she can’t see to read it, so she listens as she folds laundry and works around the house but then forgets that she’s working because she gets so involved in the book of mormon!

three of our less actives were also able to come to church and it’s incredible to see their faith grow! the first speaker yesterday in sacrament meeting spoke on temples and what she said was exactly what they needed. the gospel is just so fantastic!

we have a family home evening tonight with a part member family that we’re really excited for!

i hope you have a great week!

much love,

hermana bain


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