March 23, 2015

hey all!

up here in washington it was another good week. this past weekend we were able to attend a fireside devotional with our investigators. berta, gustavo and diana went, and so did berta’s sister-in-law and daughter. elder oaks was the speaker and elder cardon and elder christensen spoke as well. it was prime.

they spoke about the book of mormon, the restoration, priesthood authority, and Jesus Christ. this fireside was specifically for investigators, converts who had recently joined the church, and recently reactivated less active members and their families.

their concerns were answered and i learned an important lesson. if we want spiritual answers to spiritual questions we have to be humble to recognize the spirit. they felt the spirit for sure. they enjoyed it and they even realized things that they needed to do to truly follow Christ. and having real intent is having the determination to act upon the response that is given. i’m excited to follow up with them and help them determine how they can now act upon the things that they learned!

we have an exciting week coming up and i’m looking forward to it! i hope you enjoy the women’s conference this weekend:) i love you to the moon and back!

much love,

hermana bain


One thought on “March 23, 2015

  1. We love you, Hermana Bain! It has been a joy to read your emails. You have been an exceptional missionary – no surprise to us! Thank you for your beautiful example.
    Sister Frome

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